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Dance/Movement Therapy & Autism: Dances of Relationship


Article on Dance Therapy from 1959

Interesting article on one of dance movement therapy’s pioneers, Marian Chace and her work at St. Elizabeths Hospital for the mentally ill in Washington D.C.

Medicine: Dance Therapy

Polka-dot curtains brightened the windows, and red valentines fluttered from the walls. But there was only blankness or despair on the faces of the score of patients who shuffled one day last week into a recreation room at the Federal Government’s St. Elizabeths Hospital for the mentally ill in Washington, B.C. Schizophrenics who had been hospitalized for a year or more, they drifted silently in their own private worlds. One man was racked with uncontrollable tremors. Another lifted his head as if to hearken to inner voices.

Then a greying, grandmotherly woman wearing dancing slippers put a Strauss waltz on the phonograph and went to work. As always, the goal for Marian Chace, 62, the nation’s leading dance therapist, was to make contact with the mentally ill, through music and movement

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