Monthly Archives: February 2015

Narixa – Short Film by The Emigrated Movement

Narixa is a short dance film based on the beautiful natural element of water. Shot in the ‘Río Chillar’, Nerja it explores the waters journey from spring to sea. Through dance and cinematography we analyse the waters relationship with both the human body and its natural environment. What starts as a pure and unpredictable moment can soon become a one-directional movement.

Stereotypes About Dancers’ Bodies

I have been involved in dance, movement, and therapy for many years and since the beginning I have moved with people of all ages and shapes and abilities. It is rare that I move/dance with what many people think of as a “typical dancer”. One of the most amazing dance experiences I ever had was in Philadelphia co-creating choreography with a group of kids, adults, and elders. We spent a week working together, some in wheel chairs, some sighted, some could hear, all had a heart of acceptance, respect, and desire to work together.

Check out this website : These Stunning Photos Shatter Society’s Stereotypes About Dancers’ Bodies.