Writing in the Process: the Beach Enviroment

Here is an example of a poem created after an extended exploration at the beach. This poem came out of a three-year process of self-exploration involving many poems, drawings, movement/dance, and discernment. This 3 year exploration was focused on relationships. My expectations, actions, actions, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. As part of this discernment/exploration process I would meet with friends a few times a year and process what was learned and discovered.

As part of this process, I decided, in the third year to spend 4 days each week at the beach, from May until October, reading, writing, rolling moving dancing in the sand, and simply staring out at the ocean. As a part of this three year process, I discovered three major aspects of myself in respect to the theme.

1. I love the process of falling in love but have some trouble being in love.
2. I desire the state of desire more than the fulfillment of it.
3. I need to go very slowly in developing a relationship.

This one poem came out of an all night movement exploration on the beach.

I wait for the days

I wait for the days -which
only happen for the night

to embrace her – lunastarfish on the beach

I try and hold myself
arms around my heart
hands clasped in the darkness
the sight – the scent

I reach for the touch
swaying and sighing

I liberate for the longing

cast your light down on me
melt the stones that surround my heart
set me a blaze across the sky

I wait as the days pass
for the night-when I can see her – luna
eyes wide open in the sky
peering into darkness

your heat moves my blood
shaking the walls down
your sound moves my blood
shaking the walls down

her – luna – give me life
swaying and singing
I breathe your name
waiting as the days which are for the night

peering into the darkness
my parched lips thirsting for more
waiting for a drop to fall from the sky
to bring life to the desert

waiting in the night
peering into the darkness
I feel your sight

embrace me with you
my breath sighing your name

in the darkness
peering into the sky
waiting for the next

as the days pass

only for the night

Whether it’s writing down a physical-emotional-mental word/sentence that describes an image one has created or a poem that expresses an exploration, writing can be considered an essential aspect of the Halprin Method/Motional Processing/Life Art Process . It is a way to bring out what is inside.

Reprinted from my unpublished manuscript: Renewal and Rediscovery of the Self in the Life Art Process: 20 years as participant, assistant and facilitator. By Richard Brunner R-DMT. Copy write 2006.


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