I am a CAT

I am licensed and accredited/registered as a Dance Movement Therapist /  Mental Health Counselor(R-DMT). I usually just shorten this to Dance Movement Psychotherapist and sometimes also refer to myself as a Creative Arts Therapist (CAT). In many locations in the United States R-DMT’s legally fall under the umbrella term of Creative Arts Therapist; as do Art Therapists, and Music Therapists, Drama Therapists, Poetry Therapists, and Psychodrama kitten windowTherapists.

The creative Arts Therapist term refers to those trained and accredited/registered in one of the ‘creative arts’. As someone who has spend 20 plus years training/apprenticing/facilitating in the Halprin Life Art and Motional Processing and later traditional Dance Movement Therapy, I combine movement, art , writing, drama, and music seamlessly. 

The Halprin Life Art and Motional Process is a movement-based expressive arts approach that integrates movement/dance, visual arts, performance techniques and therapeutic practices. This approach supports personal, interpersonal and social transformation, allowing new possibilities for health, psychology, art and communication to develop.


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