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The brain, music and food.

Studies have demonstrated that the same chemicals that our bodies produce in responses to food and sex are also produced while listening to music.

“Whether it’s the Beatles or Beethoven, people like music for the same reason they like eating or having sex: It makes the brain release a chemical that gives pleasure, a new study says.” read more: follow this link.

Unfortunately this study only included 8 people all of whom reported ‘chills’ in association with particular instrumental selections of music. A very wee study indeed, and I am waiting for the study that tries different types of music, from Western Classical, to Gangsta rap (I guess western Gangsta Rap).

Body image and the sound of our own heart

This interesting article from Science Daily:

A new study, led by Dr Manos Tsakiris from Royal Holloway, University  of London, suggests that the way we experience the internal state of  our body may also influence how we perceive our body from the outside,  as for example in the mirror. The research appears today (5 January) in  the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Psychologists measured how good people are at feeling their body from within by asking them to count their heartbeats over a few minutes. They then measured how good people are at perceiving their own body-image from the outside by using a procedure that tricks them into feeling that a fake, rubber hand is their own hand. Click the link above for more.