Ways of moving

 I have learned a lot about the Creative Arts and Dance Movement Therapy in particular over many years. I have come to know the far reaching effects that movement has in discovering one’s own feelings. I have come to recognizing others feelings by witnessing their movement as well.

 In one situation I spend time directing a group of clients to move in ways that expressed relaxation for them. Ten people moving in ten different ways, all expressing the same thing. Later the group shared their experience first with a movement and then with verbal processing. The clients discovered new ways of relaxing and being relaxed by exploring and witnessing others move and share.

We can all learn new ways of moving and being moved by witnessing others. As children we learned patterns of movement from our care givers and from our culture. As adults we add to our developmental movement patterns by incorporating the uniqueness of who we are. As we mature and age, our movement patterns change again to reflect where in our lives we are.

 We all move, everyone of us. With our breath, our smiles and frowns, our heart beat, and more. It is what we have in common. It is who we are.


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